How to add CA certificate from TSA

6/13/2016 9:05:58 AM
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How to add CA certificate from TSA


I am signing PDF documents with timestamp, but I've found an error in the timestamp.
I could check with a signature validation tool when the timestamp is incorporated, not the path AC timestamp is added.

The tool tells me that the timestamp is formed incorrectly or not according to the firm.


I tried with <span data-scayt_word="AddCACertificate" data-scaytid="1">AddCACertificate property, but nothing happens.

Can someone help me with this problem.

Another question,
This library is discontinued?
I see few answers in the forum and no support.

Thank you very much,
<span data-scayt_word="Ricard" data-scaytid="2">Ricard.

6/30/2016 10:51:38 AM
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Re: How to add CA certificate from TSA

Hi <span data-scayt_word="Ricard" data-scaytid="1">Ricard,

the library is not discontinued. We are very busy on several projects and it is very hard to reply to all posts in the forum.

We don't see any problem in the <span data-scayt_word="timestamping" data-scaytid="3">timestamping function.

We don't understand exactly what is your problem. Can you explain us better? What exactly happen in your case? 

11/29/2016 11:55:05 AM
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Re: How to add CA certificate from TSA

Hi Again,


Thank you for your answer.


As I could not find the way to insert images in this forum and I see in stackoverflow, other user like the same problem, copy the follow url: