License code problem

11/7/2017 9:35:24 AM
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License code problem


I was using ncryptoki with proper license and today I downloaded version and included in the project. But the application shows a message “This version of NCryptoki is not valid….”


            Cryptoki.Licensee = <licensee name>;

            Cryptoki.ProductKey = <productkey>;

            _CRYPTOKINAME = <cryptoki.dll reference>;

            cryptoki = new Cryptoki(_CRYPTOKINAME); //Creating instance of native cryptoki library using Ncryptoki.


Please check and let me know.

11/21/2017 10:39:34 AM
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Re: License code problem

Yes, why the license is not more valid after the upgrade?

11/21/2017 5:49:26 PM
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Ugo Chirico

Re: License code problem

The version 1.5.x.x is very very old and comes with its specific license code

Version 1.6.x.x has a lot of enhancements (it works on AnyCPU, 32 and 64 bit application, it is faster and it implements several other mechanisms and algorithms) and for this reason it comes with its specific license that is different from the 1.5.x.x one.

If you want to use 1.6.x.x you should upgrade your license to 1.6.x.x by paying the upgrade fee. Please contact us using one of the address in Contacts section and ask for the upgrade to 1.6.x.x