Private Key atributes

12/17/2010 12:04:59 PM
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Private Key atributes

I make in contact with you because I have five private key attributes I don´t know how to set: this is the code I use en Visual Basic net.  Could you confirm the errors I have?


template.Add(New ObjectAttribute(ObjectAttribute.CKA_PRIME_1, keyParams.P))
template.Add(New ObjectAttribute(ObjectAttribute.CKA_PRIME_2, keyParams.Q))

template.Add(New ObjectAttribute(ObjectAttribute.CKA_EXPONENT_1, keyParams.DP))
template.Add(New ObjectAttribute(ObjectAttribute.CKA_EXPONENT_2, keyParams.DQ))
template.Add(New ObjectAttribute(ObjectAttribute.CKA_COEFFICIENT, ??????)


Thank you very much in advanced.


Kind regards,